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Bass Clef – A Smile Is A Curve That Straightens Most Things (Kruger music review)

Short music review of Bass Clef’s first album, originally written in November 2006 and published in Kruger magazine. Artist: Bass Clef Title: A Smile Is A Curve That Straightens Most Things Label: Blank Tapes Calling all dubheads, young and old. Rest assured, this album complies with the Trade Descriptions Act. Yes, there’s plenty of low-end […]

The sad demise of Kruger magazine

It’s sad to see the end of Kruger magazine. I’ve been away for a while in the USA recently but intended to mark the event in a fitting manner. The next few posts on this blog will be some of my occasional Kruger writings from the archives, originally published in the magazine. The first issue […]

An introduction to Geraint Jarman on Guardian Cardiff

The new Guardian Cardiff blog is shaping up well. Hannah Waldram suggested I could write a post about something related to Cardiff, Welshness and the Welsh language. I figured it might be fun and hopefully insightful to talk about music, so here’s my new post about the Cardiff-based musician Geraint Jarman.

Egwyl gerddorol gan Orange Juice

Welsh language music TV performances, 1973 to 1979

“Welsh language music TV performances, 1973 to 1979. Some awful, some classic” meddai’r aelod YouTube. Gyda: Edward H. Dafis (cantwr yn edrych fel Noddy Holder yma) Sidan (dw i dal yn chwilio am eu halbwm cyntaf) Crysbas Huw Jones (cyd-sefydlydd Recordiau Sain. “Dŵr” / “Dwi isho bod yn Sais”) Rhiannon Tomos a’r Band Endaf Emlyn […]

Welsh Rare Beat and Galwad Y Mynydd

I’ve revisited these excellent albums now they’re on Spotify. So just wrote a post about them on the newly relaunched Clwb Malu Cachu.

2010: year of a thousand RATM-style campaigns?

I have two predictions for 2010. Prediction one is that we will see lots of online campaigns around songs, inspired by Rage Against The Machines’s chart success in 2009. It will be easy to be dismissive and call these “copycat” campaigns but the idea of mobilising large groups of fans via social media is a […]


The tune Gabriel by cosmic disco band Kindness is probably among the more intriguing musical releases from 2009. (You should be able to play the whole track above. If not, try Kindness on Myspace or the Pitchfork blog post where I found it.) Although lyrically apt, it’s not a Christmas song as such. But this […]

Y Twll

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Allforia dy diwylliannau

This post is written in Welsh and is about lyrics as potential “by-products” of music which musicians could share. I don’t see many people doing this in Welsh language music. As ever, if you want the gist then Google Translate is your friend. Ro’n i’n darllen post am isdeitlau agor gan Fred Wilson. The larger […]