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Hacio’r Iaith – what it is, why it is and what happened (monster post!)

A group of us did a free, open event in Aberystwyth on 30th January 2010 called Hacio’r Iaith. It was fun. I learned things. It was based on the BarCamp format. You can use the format to have a conference on any subject and many people do. Some people call it an unconference. The reasons […]

Flags are not languages (Easyjet website is wrong)

Easyjet have recently changed their website. Now you get a language selection screen. So far so good I guess (for a website). But unfortunately instead of just the names of languages, there are flags as well. The flags on this page may look colourful, but having them there is WRONG. I’m not being pedantic here. […]

Vote for Twitter to be translated into Welsh

At the moment Twitter’s web interface is only available in four languages – English, Japanese, French and Spanish. Also on the way now are Italian and German. So Twitter Inc have decided to increase support for the world’s languages, which is an excellent move. They’ll be asking users to collaborate on translating the interface, which […]

Localisation, language, Welsh in work and non-work

Yes, we spell it “localisation” round ‘ere. * Quick addendum to the previous post about the difference between this blog and a fully bilingual website… It’s amazing how many people get localisation and language wrong. Even Amazon and so on. If I were creating a truly bilingual website then I would translate every single post, […]

Bilingual blogging in a Google Translate world

OK, just done a blog post on here in Welsh. It’s not my first use of Welsh online. I’ve emailed and used Twitter and commented on other blogs and things in Welsh. But a full blog post. Boof. It took ages to write! I wanted to jot down some assorted observations and lessons learned. Google […]