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Hacio’r Iaith article for Planet Magazine

The arts and politics magazine Planet has just published my short article with thoughts about Hacio’r Iaith, on their website. In it I mention open events, social media, intellectual property, open source and WordPress. All views are mine – as if I could ever presume to speak on behalf of such a diverse community as […]

Hacio’r Iaith – what it is, why it is and what happened (monster post!)

A group of us did a free, open event in Aberystwyth on 30th January 2010 called Hacio’r Iaith. It was fun. I learned things. It was based on the BarCamp format. You can use the format to have a conference on any subject and many people do. Some people call it an unconference. The reasons […]

Stuff worth reading about openness

I maintain another blog called Open Season which is all about openness and open source. I’ve been using it to share links to articles, along with a sample quote each time. Each post takes 25 seconds or so with Tumblr. I wrote about it here in June 2009. Just mentioning it again as some of […]

Open Season – selections on a theme of openness

I’m thinking about our obsession with “open”. People work in “open plan” offices. If not then maybe their manager has an “open door policy” and offers an “open mind”. Maybe they conduct negotiations with “open palm”. Then there’s open source software, now pretty familiar and widely used. Of which OpenOffice is an example (as well […]