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Denu darllenwyr i flog: arbrawf a 5 egwyddor

Sbel yn ôl dechreuodd llwyth (oce, tua 5) o flogiau Cymraeg newydd am fwyd a diod. Yn 2013 un o’r pynciau mwyaf poblogaidd ymhlith blogiau Cymraeg newydd oedd crefft dw i’n meddwl – gan gynnwys Boglyn ac eraill. Sut ydyn ni’n sicrhau hir oes i ymdrechion fel hyn, ar draws y pynciau gwahanol? Yn union wythnos yn ôl […]

Why are Facebook and Twitter killing their RSS feeds?

Just seen this excellent piece by Clare White about the virtues of RSS particularly now that Facebook and Twitter seem to be quietly killing their RSS feeds. I was going to leave a comment but instead opted to write here. White says: At risk of sounding hopelessly naive, I don’t know why Twitter and Facebook […]

Where is my mind? (Books, blogs and networks)

One of my new year’s resolutions is to read more books. Like old books, unfashionable novels and books which challenge my assumptions. The benefits of books are clearer, now that we also consume digital text and hypertext. I’m not talking about how the smell of the paper is wonderful or anything like that. It’s about […]

Welsh Assembly Government bundles of RSS feeds

The Welsh Assembly Government generates a lot of its own news. The news is available as separate RSS feeds for 22 different topics, which is good. Actually, double that because there are 22 in English and the same 22 in Cymraeg. This week I wanted to subscribe to a complete feed of everything, but I […]

The evolving blog: Twitter as microblogging

Veteran blogger Meg Pickard wrote an insightful post last month about how the adoption of Twitter has mirrored that of blogging before it. Twitter the company never describe their service as “microblogging”. That’s a smart move from the viewpoint of marketing the service to people who might have preconceived ideas about blogging. But mainly, it […]