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The 24/7 digital café for Welsh learners

I’ve been thinking about this idea for Welsh learners and I can’t get it out of my head. What if there were a way to fire up Skype now and have a spoken conversation in Welsh with somebody? At the moment you could fire up Skype for a chat (substitute Google+ Hangouts for Skype if […]

Meddyliau am diwylliant DIY arlein

Dyma dudalen enwog o Sideburns fanzine, mis Rhagfyr 1976. Wnaeth pobol ddim yn gallu ffeindio cyfryngau gyda diddordebau eu hun. Felly dechreuon nhw gylchgronau eu hun gyda llungopiwyr. Ti’n gallu galw fe DIY, punk, ayyb. Mae bandiau DIY yn annog cyfryngau DIY yn hybu bandiau DIY… Dyn ni ddim yn byw yn y 70au, dyn […]

Datblygu gyda Datblygu

I need to set myself some new challenges with my Welsh learning. The next will be book-related. That means picking one up and reading it. But it needs to be a good one with the right level of challenge. (Previous posts about learning Welsh) Rhaid i mi fendio her newydd yn fy anturiaethau Cymraeg. Dw […]

Hacio’r Iaith – what it is, why it is and what happened (monster post!)

A group of us did a free, open event in Aberystwyth on 30th January 2010 called Hacio’r Iaith. It was fun. I learned things. It was based on the BarCamp format. You can use the format to have a conference on any subject and many people do. Some people call it an unconference. The reasons […]

Welsh Rare Beat and Galwad Y Mynydd

I’ve revisited these excellent albums now they’re on Spotify. So just wrote a post about them on the newly relaunched Clwb Malu Cachu. http://clwbmalucachu.co.uk/cmcblog/2010/01/18/welsh-rare-beat-and-galwad-y-mynydd

Vote for Twitter to be translated into Welsh

At the moment Twitter’s web interface is only available in four languages – English, Japanese, French and Spanish. Also on the way now are Italian and German. So Twitter Inc have decided to increase support for the world’s languages, which is an excellent move. They’ll be asking users to collaborate on translating the interface, which […]

Penblwydd hapus annwyl Metastwnsh

This is a happy birthday message to Metastwnsh, which is a web and technology blog. Penblwydd hapus Metastwnsh. Viva’r ail blwyddyn! Darllena cofnod llawn. Mae Metastwnsh yn chwilio am cyfranwyr hefyd. Allet ti helpu?

Google Translate is now instant. But still fun (and dangerous).

Google Translate has already accelerated my Welsh learning. It helps to decipher a daunting piece of text. Now Google Translate is instant. They changed the interface slightly and it flashes up the equivalent translation as you type. Boy. In other words you get the same flawed “translations”, now even faster! Try it for Welsh to […]

Syniadau y we Cymraeg am 2010

This is about my “New Year’s Resolutions” for the web, particularly the Welsh language web. Maybe other people can write theirs and we can have a fun discussion. Mae wythnos olaf y flwyddyn yn doniol. Dw i’n siarad am yr wythnos rhwng Dydd Nadolig a blwyddyn newydd. Mae digon o amser i sgwennu cofnodion blog. […]

Pam ydw i’n wneud Hacio’r Iaith?

Hacio’r Iaith is a new and exciting event where we will explore how technology applies to, around and through the Welsh language. That means idea sharing, APIs, mash-ups, localisation, machine translation and so on. The event will be part hack day and part BarCamp (both are well established templates for events worldwide). There will be […]